Hematology, the study of blood

June 27, 2024 02:00 PM Europe/Stockholm

This webinar will give a brief repetition on hematology and blood count. After which, the actual analysis is discussed both in terms of system and interpretation, but also reviewing some clinical examples and analytical errors.

The webinar will cover:
● Hematology in brief
● The complete blood count
● Interpretation of results
● Clinical examples
● Analytical errors
● Quality control
● The hematology system


Jeanette Nikus

Global Product Manager, human portfolio, Boule Sweden

In Jeanettes role, she works closely with end-users to ensure that Boule products meet customer needs. Jeanette has many years of experience in Sales and Marketing within the life science sector. Previous positions as Product Specialist, Marketing Manager, and prior to her current role, in Marketing Communications with GE Healthcare, have also allowed close collaboration with customers in both the academy and industry, within research, diagnostics, and biomanufacturing. Jeanette holds a master’s degree in molecular biology and a PhD from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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